Speed Dial Pro v8.0.5 [Paid] [Latest]

No Advertise. Unlimited contacts in each group.

Speed Dial 

  • Unlimited contacts in each group.
  • Up to 8 columns.
  • Google drive backup.
  • Home screen widgets.
  • Swipe/Fling between the groups.
  • Languages:
    Deutsch (German)
    English (English)
    Español (Spanish)
    Français (French)
    Italiano (Italian)
    Magyar (Hungarian)
    Português (Portugal)
    Română (Romanian)
    Türkçe (Turkish)
    ру́сский (Russian)
    Ελληνικά (Greek)
    עברית (Hebrew)
    العربية (Arabic)
  • Contacts, Dial Pad and Call Log.
  • Rename groups, select groups to show, group button height.
  • Contact label on image, label text and frame height.
  • App start on phone start up.
  • On touch select option or call or write SMS.
  • Contact effects, which can be customized by user.
  • Rounded frame and image corners.
  • Change added and empty contact image size.
  • Manual order of the contacts in the group.

And many many other options


Added “Multiple SIM support” setting in the Speed Dial and Dial Pad.
If you want to disable the SIM selection list on call in the Speed Dial app, go to “Settings/System settings/Multiple SIM support”.
If you want to disable the SIM selection list on call in Contacts, Call Log and Dial Pad, open the Dial Pad and long press the “*” button.



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