RacingMeter for Torque Pro v1.8.5 [Latest]

RacingMeter requires the Torque Pro App. Afterthe installation, launch Torque Pro and click on the RacingMetericon.

This plug-in transforms your Android device into a highly customizable racing dash including live telemetry, power meter,accelerations measurements, shift lights, gear ratio estimation,HUD mode and much more… The Torque Pro app and an OBD 2 adapterare required in order to communicate with your car’s ECU.

• Digital widgets for RPM, Speed, Engine coolant temperature,Intake Air temperature, Catalysts temperature, Engine Load, Turboboost, Fuel Consumption, Clock, Fuel pump, Rail pressures (gaugeand relative pressure) and Air/Fuel ratio, Mass Air Flow, In take Manifold Air Pressure, Fuel Used, Fuel Cost, Voltage and others described below.

• Dials with auto scale, customizable style, scale, angle, sizeand warning thresholds. RPM, Engine Load, Turbo boost, Enginecoolant temperature, Intake Air temperature, Speed, Catalysttemperatures, Fuel pump, Rail pressures, Mass Air Flow, IntakeManifold Air Pressure.

• RPM LEDs Bar
Custom colors, four styles and three animations available.Automatic or manual threshold settings. Two additional LEDs Bar areavailable to display Turbo, RPM or Load data.

• Acceleration Measurements
Configure and display six independent stopwatches with specific speed thresholds for your current and best acceleration. Display1/4 mile, km DA times.

• Engine Power and Torque estimations
Based on speed, RPM, weight, wheel radius, SCx and G-forces.

• Current gear ratio estimation
Based on speed and RPM.

• Shift Light
Flash on screen, Automatic or manual threshold, customize color.Ability to define different RPM thresholds depending on yourgear.

• Make your own dashboard
Move, rescale, add or remove any parameters, three differentpresets containing up to five screens each can be saved. All colorsfully customizable.

• Head-up display (HUD) mirror mode.

• Telemetry Viewer
Display Telemetry in real-time and save up to one hour of data. Twocursors can be placed on the graph to measure the time between twopoints.

The following data are recorded:
Speed, RPM, Gear, Engine load, Turbo boost, Lateral forces,Longitudinal forces.

• Import/Export the telemetry data as a CSV file on your sdcardfor further calculations. Export to RaceRender format supportedwith the following data: Time, GPS Latitude, GPS Longitude, Speed,G-Forces, RPM, Throttle position, Gear, Turbo.

• Braking Statistics
Distance, time, speed in/out, G-force avg/max.

• G-Force Meter (plotted 5s)



RacingMeter for Torque Pro v1.8.3 / Mirror

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