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Privacy Browser

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Privacy Browser protects your privacy by disabling JavaScript, DOM storage, and cookies by default, but providing quick methods to enable them for websites where they are required. Many websites use these technologies to track users between visits and across sites.

Privacy Browser uses Android’s built-in WebView to render web pages. As such, it works best if you have updated to the latest version of WebView.

Features :
• Full screen browsing mode.
• Integrated ad blocker.
• Tor Orbot proxy support.

Planned features for future releases :
• Upload of files to website.
• Fine grained cookie management.
• Fine grained DOM storage management.
• Tabbed browsing.

What’s New
• Add a bookmarks drawer that is accessed by sliding from the right.
• Prevent Night Mode from flashing a white background when loading new pages.
• Update the user agents.
• Bump target API to 26 (Android Oreo, 8.0.0).
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León Becerra.


Downloads :  Ads Removed
                       Analytics Disabled

Privacy Browser v3.4.1 [Paid] [Mod] / Mirror

Privacy Browser v3.4.1 [Paid] / Mirror

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