Memrise: Learn a Foreign Language v2.94_21861 [Premium] [Mod] [Latest]


Memrise Language Spymaster will train your language learning skills and send you deep undercover as a spy in a distant Universe.

You’ll be in charge of protecting the diversity of languages in the Multiverse from the evil Uniformis Front!

Use the language you learn to dupe enemy agents into thinking you are one of them, and to spot other fellow agents that will help you along the way.

Every language is a whole world of discovery and adventure!

Pick a language and start your quest now: Learn French, Spanish (from Mexico or from Spain), German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese (from Brazil or from Portugal), Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and many more!


If you’re learning Arabic, brace yourself. You’re about to experience an improved, frictionless right-to-left learning experience.
Also, a few other fixes and improvements that are so seamless and smooth that you won’t see them, but definitely feel them



Memrise: Learn a Foreign Language v2.94_21861 [Premium] [Mod] / Mirror

Older Version

Memrise: Learn a Foreign Language v2.94_21695 [Premium] [Mod] / Mirror

Memrise: Learn a Foreign Language v2.94_20037 [Premium] [Mod] SAP / Mirror

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