IRC for Android ™ v2.1.58 [Paid] [Latest]

IRC for Android™ is the Premier Android Internet Relay Chat Client. Worlds better than the rest.

* Multiple Servers
* Stays connected in background
* Nick Completion
* Notifications
* Blowfish Encryption
* IRC/mIRC/ANSI Colors
* User List
* Channel List
* Supports BNCs (tested ZNC and PsyBNC)
* Individual Windows for Messages and Channels
* Timestamps
* Logging to SD Card
* Ignore System
* Quiet Time
* Codepage support
* DCC Send and Receive (with UPNP support)
* Backup and Restore
* Multi Window support for Samsung devices


  • Added asay and ame commands
  • Added support
  • Adjusted timeout logic
  • Adjustable server ping delay
  • Actions trigger notifications
  • mIrc color fix
  • Chrome OS fix
  • Additional chanmode support
  • LG Keyboard Fixes
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Option for DCC to save to external DCC
  • Fixed bug in mode lists
  • Fixed keyboard issues from some vendors
  • Srollback buffer option
  • Keep color after send option
  • Bug fixes
  • More timestamp options
  • More nickmatch settings



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