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Finnst – AMOLED wallpapers v1.1 [Patched] APK

Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers

Finnst – AMOLED wallpapers

Your phone’s displays are so advanced that when a black color #000000 is displayed on the screen, the pixels just don’t emit light ! This means that you can turn off a part of your display and turn on specific parts only, which saves battery life. Even colors look more vibrant and pop-out on darker backgrounds. With these design principles, we present to you Finnst, a wallpaper app for AMOLED displays.

Finnst contains an exclusive and extensive collection of super minimal, geometric and abstract artwork in vivid and vibrant colors. Each wallpaper is carefully crafted to perfection.

You will get :

Content : Hundreds of beautiful and exclusive wallpapers tagged across 6 categories (Abstract, Blur, Fandoms, Geometric, Gradient and Super Minimal).

Quality : These wallpapers come in Quad-HD resolutions which look great both on 16:9 displays and 18:9 aspect ratios.

Speeds : Finnst utilizes the fastest available servers across the globe to ensure that your wallpapers are loaded under seconds.

Design : Each wallpaper is named by our lead designer along with a small description to give you an idea of what they had in mind when designing the wallpaper.

Interface : The app itself is minimal and very fast, you can view all the wallpapers, view specific categories only or simply sort them by their name, date or just randomize them. While you browse through the hundreds of wallpapers available, you can favorite them!

Muzei : Finnst is compatible with Muzei, you can set it up to change wallpapers automatically.

Battery Savings : We look at our screens 50 to 80 times a day. AMOLED wallpapers turn off parts of your display which in turn saves battery life on your phone.

Frequent Updates : The app will be updated frequently with new wallpapers and categories

Get rid of the chaos on your screens and try finnst to achieve the most beautiful minimal setups.

Note * : 

Battery savings are subjective and will vary from person to person depending on usage and screen brightness levels. Redistribution of the application or the content is not permitted and is only allowed for individual usage with every purchase. All wallpapers in Finnst are designed by us, we do not believe in using other artists works without their permissions. Some of the wallpapers are inspired from other minimal artistic work across the internet and were created by our own designers. However if you come across any wallpaper in the app which should not be here, Email us we’ll honor your request.


  • Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers Screenshot
  • Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers Screenshot
  • Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers Screenshot
  • Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers Screenshot
  • Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers Screenshot
  • Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers Screenshot
  • Finnst - AMOLED wallpapers Screenshot


Finnst – AMOLED wallpapers v1.1 [Patched] APK / Mirror

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