DroidCam OBS v1.2 [Pro] [Latest]

DroidCam OBS (Early Access)

Ditch the old webcam, and hold off buying a new one.

DroidCam OBS turns your phone into an HD camera source in OBS Studio!

  • Get high quality audio and video from your phone right into OBS.
  • Connect over WiFi or USB*, with no usage time limits.
  • Connect as many devices as you want with multiple instances of the DroidCam OBS source in your scenes.

Go to dev47apps.com/obs on your computer to download the OBS plugin required to use this app. The DroidCam OBS plugin is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems running 64-bit OBS Studio, version 24 and up.

  • USB connection may require additional setup.

What’s New:
Added audio options, added more video bitrates

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