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Avito Searcher

Avito Searcher

Monitor new announcements on Avito with alerts

Forget about manually searching for suitable ads on Avito and spending a lot of time on it. Just install the app, and you will always know about the latest ads and the best deals, whatever you do. All you need is to configure the search options that are suitable for you, close the application and go about your business. Automatic search will do everything for you in the background and let you know when a new ad will appear.
The application gives a great advantage when searching, as it helps you to find out about the best deals first and get ahead of other buyers, saving you a lot of time and money.

Features of the program:
– Automatic search for new ads in the background
– Informative alerts for new ads
– Create multiple simultaneous searches
– Setting the update interval from the 1st minute
– View ads when you click on the notification
– Setting the search runtime
– Install various ringtones on notifications
– Lack of advertising

Whats New:
– Added instructions for enabling notifications on some devices (if there are none)
– Added the ability to automatically recreate searches (helps if the program has stopped sending notifications)

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