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Audials Pro is the only Radio App for smartphones & tablets that can easily find the right for receiving the desired Hits Radio station with the Audials Network to fulfill a music request from thousands of monitored Internet radio.

Only Audials Pro has the radio recorder with the wish known from the Windows software

✪ Enjoy the largest selection of 63,000 radio stations from 82 genres ✪
Find Audials Pro the best radio stations for your favorite music by entering the desired artist, by genre, language, country or from your sight.
✪ Switch quickly between the radio stations ✪
To find your preferred music one direction or your favorite artist, you can zap to radio stations in Audials Pro with a click of radio stations.
✪ ✪ Apple Airplay and Chrome Cast
Games Radio wirelessly from across your music system. Whether it can do both via Airplay or Chrome Cast, Audials.

Record ✪ Individual music tracks and save as MP3 ✪
If you have just heard a hit in web radio, then you can save it with Audials Pro from the Radio History subsequently as an MP3 music file in your music collection.
✪ can record multiple tracks from a music direction ✪
Choose one of 82 music genres and Audials Pro automatically takes a lot of top hits for you to. You determine how many radio stations are recorded simultaneously and how much music you want to have. The rest is done Audials Pro.
Leave something and take ✪ songs from favorite artists ✪
Attention! This can only Pro: Simply enter the name of an artist and you enter the app begins with the unique Audials network with finding the appropriate channels for automatic recording of all music pieces of the desired artist. Audials Pro automatically saves the recorded songs with ID3 tags and album cover as MP3 music files on your smartphone and tablet.

✪ online radio stations and music files in the best quality with the equalizer hear ✪
The Audials app can be used for playing your music collection as a radio player as well. You can make your own settings or choose from the supplied sound schemes Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop or rock with the equalizer.
✪ music from your computer at home through play ✪
With the Pro you connect your Android device home over the Internet with your PC. The annoying dubbing of music files via cable is no longer necessary. In combination with the Windows Audials software, you can even go browse your music collection at home.
✪ music on SD card Manage ✪
You decide where the per-app should place Recorded Music. Is time on an SD card is no more space, then you can just replace it and save new music to the next.
Use and manage ✪ ✪ Clouds
You can upload any cloud that has a WebDAV standard interface for storing and importing of music to Pro App Audials connect.

✪ ✪ clock radio
Audials Pro wakes you with your favorite radio if necessary also with snooze function even more times in succession.
✪ ✪ sleep timer
If Audials Pro to record music for you for a certain period, then you can set a timer different intervals of up to 120 minutes. Achieved Audials per the set time it ceases to operate automatically. This also works if you want to hear music on the radio to sleep.

What’s New
– Finally solved problem with chromecast discovery



Audials Radio Pro v8.7.7-0-ge467839c0 [Paid] / Mirror

Older Version

Audials Radio Pro v8.7.5-beta-0-gee82254b6 [Paid] / Mirror

Audials Radio Pro v8.6.11-0-g099388074 [Paid] / Mirror

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