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Android Paid Apps Daliy Pack

On this post you will find the best paid android apps chosen from the releases on play store in recent day.

App & Icon & Substratum Theme & Kwgt List 

432 Player Pro – HiFi Lossless 432hz Music Player v30.1 – APKMAZA.apk
Almug – Icon Pack v8.7.0 – APKMAZA.apk
ARC-AiDE Lite v3.4.3 build 342905 – APKMAZA.apk
Automatic Call Recorder Pro v6.08.4 – APKMAZA.apk
Camera Guard PRO Webcam Blocker v4.1.1 – APKMAZA.apk
Conversations v2.8.2pcr – arm64-v8a – APKMAZA.apk
Conversations v2.8.2pcr – armeabi-v7a – APKMAZA.apk
Crispy HD – Icon Pack v8.8 – APKMAZA.apk
DARC [Substratum] v3.5.0 – APKMAZA.apk
Earthquake Network Pro – Realtime alerts v10.5.6 – APKMAZA.apk
Eclectic Icons v1.4.2 – APKMAZA.apk
Elixir v8.7 – APKMAZA.apk
Fella for Facebook v2.2.7 – APKMAZA.apk
Folium – Unique Style Icon Pack v4.0-rc1 – APKMAZA.apk
Gardroid – Premium v1.15.8 build 142 – APKMAZA.apk
GeM Kwgt v17.0 – APKMAZA.apk
Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Pro v2.8.1 – APKMAZA.apk
Hydro Coach PRO – Drink Water v4.2.11-pro – APKMAZA.apk
Internet Radio Recorder Pro v7.0.1.4 – APKMAZA.apk
ISS Detector Pro v2.03.88 Pro – APKMAZA.apk
Lai – Stretched Style Icon Pack v6.0-rc1 – APKMAZA.apk
Meme Generator PRO v4.5798 – APKMAZA.apk
Modern UI for KWGT v5.0 – APKMAZA.apk
Monefy Pro – Money Manager v1.9.11 build 1148 – APKMAZA.apk
My Macros _ Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker v2020.03 – APKMAZA.apk
Neon Glow – Icon Pack v8.2.0 – APKMAZA.apk
Neon Glow C – Icon Pack v5.9.0 – APKMAZA.apk
Neon Glow Rings – Icon Pack v4.7.0 – APKMAZA.apk
Neutron Music Player v2.13.4 – arm64-v8a – APKMAZA.apk
Neutron Music Player v2.13.4 – armeabi-v7a – APKMAZA.apk
Neutron Music Player v2.13.4 – armeabi-v7a+Neon – APKMAZA.apk
Neutron Music Player v2.13.4 – x86 – APKMAZA.apk
OfficeSuite Pro PDF v10.16.27300 – arm64-v8a – APKMAZA.apk
OfficeSuite Pro PDF v10.16.27300 – armeabi-v7a – APKMAZA.apk
OfficeSuite Pro PDF v10.16.27300 – x86 – APKMAZA.apk
Oxygen Light – Icon Pack v1.0 – APKMAZA.apk
Phone Booster Pro – Force Stop, Speed Booster v8.8.6 – APKMAZA.apk
Piano Chords, Scales, Progression Companion PRO v6.52.506 – APKMAZA.apk
Pireo – Pixel Oreo Icon Pack v2.6.0 – APKMAZA.apk PRIME v5.2.2.7 – APKMAZA.apk
RoughAnimator v1.8.1 – APKMAZA.apk
Smart Keyboard Pro v4.22.2 – APKMAZA.apk
Tabloid Icon v3.3.9 – APKMAZA.apk
Timestamp Camera Pro v1.170 – APKMAZA.apk
Toca – Material Design Icon Pack v5.0-rc1 – APKMAZA.apk
Todo Task Reminder Pro Widget v1.2 build 41 – APKMAZA.apk
Transparent clock weather v4.5.2.6 – APKMAZA.apk
Volume Panel Pro-Custom System Audio Control v20.01 Beta – APKMAZA.apk
[Substratum] Flare [Unreleased] v5.7.0 – APKMAZA.apk

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